There are different methods to analyze QEEG data. This patient struggles with mood issues that are being effectively addressed through neurofeedback treatment. Each person's brain maps and LORETA analysis are carefully observed to find the appropriate treatment protocol.

QEEG Brain Map Analysis

Neurofeedback Treatment

Very simply, neurofeedback is a way to exercise your brain so that it can become healthier.

In order to determine whether neurofeedback is right for you, a QEEG diagnostic evaluation is done. A brain map is produced as a result of a QEEG analysis as is pictured to the right of this text. A QEEG measures the electrical activity that is being produced by your brain much like an EKG measures the electrical activity that is being produced by your heart. After this diagnostic test has been done, a full comprehensive analysis is performed to see if your symptoms are related to the brain wave activity that is observed and whether you will be an appropriate candidate for treatment.

We offer both surface and LORETA z-score neurofeedback.

LORETA z-score Neurofeedback


LORETA Analysis of QEEG

Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography Analysis (LORETA) z-score neurofeedback is the most up to date neurofeedback technology available. LORETA z-score neurofeedback is able to address brain wave activity that is being generated by the deeper areas of your brain that are related to your symptoms. LORETA z-score neurofeedback is done with the same 19 electrode cap that is used to perform your brain mapping. As a result of its ability to help brain networks function more effectively, people often find that this type of neurofeedback helps them to feel better more quickly.

Surface Neurofeedback

Surface neurofeedback is done by placing electrodes specifically at the area of your scalp that needs to be addressed and has also helped many people feel better.

Determining which type of neurofeedback is best for you is based on the results of your brain map

and LORETA analysis. Your choice of treatment is based on what you feel most comfortable with.

What happens after the analysis is done?


After a detailed analysis is done, we will go over your results with you to show you what we have found and whether surface or LORETA z-score neurofeedback is right for you. Neurofeedback is not embarrassing or painful and usually produces little side effects. As you exercise your brain during your neurofeedback sessions, your brain will learn how to operate more effectively and you will feel better.

All neurofeedback protocols are designed specifically based on what your brain says it needs. Your protocol will be based on the symptoms that you find are most disturbing to you. People often find that any apprehension that they may have had about neurofeedback treatment usually goes away after the first session.

Neurofeedback does not input anything into your brain with the electrodes that are attached to your head through a cap or by individual placement. Instead, the electrodes are reading your brainwave patterns just like an EKG does with reading your heart activity. While doing neurofeedback training, your brain learns to operate within the specific parameters that have been created to address your symptoms.

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