QEEG Brain Mapping

Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) is a procedure that measures and records brain wave activity. Brain wave activity is generated by patterns of electrical activity that are produced by your brain. We do not use QEEG to diagnose patients with a mental health disorder. We use QEEG to determine if there is activity that is dysregulated (significantly different from "normal" activity) and that corresponds to physiological symptoms (anxiety, depression, problems with attention, concentration, lack of impulse control, memory, symptoms associated with TBI, PTSD, Autism, etc.) that someone is experiencing. The QEEG is analyzed by Dr. Bonack to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for neurofeedback and if you would benefit from neurofeedback treatment. Dr. Bonack is highly specialized in analyzing QEEG and is Board Certified in Neurofeedback.

It is important for us to do a QEEG prior to treatment, as this gives us a picture of what is dysregulated and how to address your specific needs. If you are a candidate for neurofeedback treatment, the QEEG helps us to create a prescription for neurofeedback treatment that is specific to your individual needs. After your initial QEEG, Dr. Bonack meets with you to show the results of your brain maps. Please see our neurofeedback page for more information on what this looks like.

Throughout your treatment, we will obtain several QEEG's, which will allow us to see how your treatment is progressing and optimize your prescription so that you get the best results. Dr. Bonack continuously monitors your results and adjusts your protocol as needed. Although client's do not typically meet with Dr. Bonack after each additional QEEG, they are able to schedule an additional appointment with her if they desire to.

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There are different methods to analyze QEEG data. This patient struggles with mood issues that are being effectively addressed through neurofeedback treatment. Each person's brain maps and LORETA analysis are carefully observed to find the appropriate treatment protocol.

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