Zoe Bonack, PsyD, BCN

Zoe Bonack, PsyD, BCN
Licensed Psychologist
Board Certified Neurofeedback

I have had an interest in helping people since I was a young adult. I finally reached my dream of becoming a psychotherapist in 2011, when I opened my own practice. Since that time I have completed my goal of becoming a licensed Psychologist, Board Certified in Neurofeedback. There have been many people and things that have influenced me along the way and I am grateful to everyone who has had an impact in helping to shape who I am today.

I have been drawn to helping those who have experienced trauma since the beginning of my career. Whether big or small, I have seen how trauma impacts people’s lives in dramatic ways. When I work with people who have experienced difficulty in their lives, my goal is to help restore hope so that they can attain the goals for themselves that often seem unattainable.


During my training I had the opportunity to work with active duty military and their families. This experience changed my life and I have had a heart to help this population ever since. My passion for neurotherapy, and the clinical work that lead to my dissertation, was a result of my experiences with those whose lives have been dramatically changed by serving our country. During my work with soldiers, I often used EMDR along with helping people gain better coping strategies to reduce symptoms that many were experiencing. While these techniques were mostly helpful, I found that many of the people I worked with continued to experience a high amount of hyperarousal (often manifested as anxiety, hypervigilance, irritability or outbursts of anger, difficulties with sleep, being startled easily, and difficulty with concentration), which affected their lives in dramatic ways. Many of those I worked with continued to act as if their brains were still deployed. Many felt discouraged because of their inability to relax, feel safe, enjoy their families, or enjoy the lives that they once had.

I was drawn to neurotherapy to help those who have had similar experiences. Many times people find that they have been through experiences or have faced things that they realize have changed them. Neurotherapy helps bring balance back to the brain so that people can feel more “normal” and enjoy things as they once did. Psychotherapy often helps people feel supported as they are able to feel safe and talk about the thoughts and feelings that many times they continue to struggle with.

Dr. Bonack is very warm and caring. She takes real pride in the work that she does. My daughter has a Neurocognitive disorder that Dr. Bonack diagnosed, after we had gone down many different avenues to get some answers. Out of all of the doctors and testing we had done for our daughter, Dr. Bonack gave us the starting point we’ve been looking for. She continues to keep in touch, and is genuinely concerned about her patients. She has offered to help us find additional resources for our daughter. I would recommend Neuro Hope and Dr. Bonack to anyone looking for answers and help in the right direction. Thank you Dr. Bonack! I can’t thank her enough for truly caring about our daughter and us.

– Kisha